The national curriculum lays down what should be taught to children during compulsory schooling from Y1 to Y13 (ages 5yrs – 16yrs). There are slight differences for each key stage, but the subjects taught in primary schools are as follows:

The following four subjects are known as the “core” subjects and should have more time devoted to them than the others.

  • English; this includes the national literacy strategy (see below), speaking and listening and drama.
  • Mathematics; this includes the national numeracy strategy (see below).
  • Science;
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT);

These subjects are known as “foundation” subjects.

  • Design Technology;
  • History;
  • Geography;
  • Art & design;
  • Music;
  • PE;
  • RE;
  • PHSE

Lostock Hall also uses the flexibility within the taught curriculum to offer enrichment activities which are designed to extend and deepen children’s learning. There are opportunities to allow all our children the chance to succeed. In addition, we offer a broad range of after school clubs.

For more details please refer to the Teaching Groups tab for individual class/year groups

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